Are Your Techs Certified?
Encouraging your techs to display the "EGSA Certified" logo is one more way you can differentiate your company from the competition.

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TOYAThat special technician on your staff deserves recognition!

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Technician Certification

The Generator Systems Technician Certification Test measures proficiency in the installation, maintenance and repair of On-Site Power Generation Systems.

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Reference Book

On-Site Power Generation: A Reference BookThis 600-plus-page On-Site Power Generation: A Reference Book is the "bible" of the industry.

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Powerline Magazine

May/June 2014 Issue

  • 2014 NFMT Wrap Up
  • 2014 EGSA Spring Convention Wrap Up
  • POWER Up Your Game In 2014 & Beyond!
  • Seeking EGSA-Lence? Look No Further Than Our Ten EGSA Committees in 2014!
  • North Carolina Hospital’s Emergency Power System Carries on Tradition of Excellence
  • Where Are You Going? Navigating the Challenges of Running a Small Business
  • International Supply Company Member Profile

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LinkedIn GroupsEGSA has a group on LinkedIn to allow collaboration between meetings. We encourage you to join and participate in the discussion. 

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EGSA's Mission

Under the leadership of its Board of Directors and operating through its various committees and staff, EGSA strives to educate, provide networking opportunities and share relevant knowledge and trends with industry professionals including manufacturers, distributor/dealers, engineers, manufacturer representatives, contractor/integrators and others serving On-Site Power consumers.

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