EGSA Committees

CommitteesEGSA Committees are composed of volunteer EGSA members who contribute their knowledge and time to forward the Association's activities. Committees meet twice a year - during the Spring and Fall Conferences - to review projects in their zone of responsibility and recommend actions to the Board of Directors.

How to Participate on EGSA Committees

There is no formal Committee Sign-Up process in EGSA. If you are interested in participating on a committee (and making an impact on the association and the industry), the best course of action is to let the committee's chairperson know of your interest, and to show up at committee meetings. Then be sure to volunteer when the committee needs someone to accomplish a specific task.

Are you a Committee Officer?

Please visit our Committee Officers page to find forms and templates for your use throughout your term. 

Standing Committees

Standing committees are committees that do the work of the association from year to year. They each have a role to play in how EGSA moves forward in various areas over time.

Codes & Standards Surveillance Committee

Represents EGSA and its members’ interests on select national and international industry codes and standards committees and reports back to the membership through Powerline magazine, Committee meetings, Action Alerts, and e-mail blasts. The Committee also:

• Develops recommendations and provides action regarding industry codes and standards development and review by request and as needed.

• Surveys the membership and other industry professionals to determine the applicable standards it should monitor.

• Provides the Association with a platform from which it may develop Recommended Practices for the proper application of codes and standards within the industry.

• Educates EGSA members on standards, their application and interpretation.

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Conference Planning Committee

Working in conjunction with EGSA staff and the Board of Directors, the Committee develops all content and themes for the Association’s conferences and editorial content for Powerline magazine. The Committee hosts EGSA members, speakers and guests for the spring and fall conferences, and fulfills conference emcee duties by providing welcoming comments, introductions, announcements, timekeeping and managing the general flow of the conference.

The Committee solicits, reviews and approves all speakers, speaker resumés and presentation content. During each conference, the Committee also surveys attendees and then reviews and compiles respondents’ comments and rankings to determine the effectiveness of the conference agenda and the direction of future conferences.

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Distributor/Dealer Committee

The Committee is actively engaged in sharing with member companies the needs and proven solutions to common industry challenges for Distributors and Dealers in the area of Sales, Product Support, and Business Management, regardless of brand, geographic location or company size.  Action items to enhance the D/D member community are presented to the Board for review and approval as a result of this committee’s efforts.

The Committee discusses and prioritizes topics of interest to all D/D’s to be developed at future conferences either in the D/D Committee meeting or during the general membership presentations. Guest speakers in a given field of expertise are frequently called upon for conference committee meetings.  Enhanced conference participation through regional D/D solicitation is an active part of this committee’s efforts.

Education Committee

Working with the Education Director and with feedback and input from EGSA members and the industry at large, the Committee ensures that EGSA is providing the most comprehensive and highest quality educational programming possible.

The Committee takes an active role in monitoring and making improvements to our On-Site Power Generation schools, Continuing Education Unit (CEU) program and to On-Site Power Generation: A Reference Book. The Committee also reviews credentials of prospective instructors and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors for their approval. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the Committee looks forward to identify future needs and proactively creates programs, plans and strategies that are recommended to the Board of Directors for review and action.

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Government Relations Committee

The Committee acts as EGSA’s liaison with the Department of Defense and Government Agencies for the purpose of exchanging information and reports to the Marketing Trends Committee on all matters and requirements as they relate to or affect the government’s present and future use of electrical generating systems, ground support, load banks, distribution and environmental equipment performance and usage. The Committee actively solicits and hosts guest speakers to educate membership during the conference committee meetings.

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International Trade Committee

The Committee provides periodic analysis of the world market for equipment and services provided by the EGSA membership and monitors and forecasts economic and political trends that would affect this trade. The Committee promotes U.S. export programs and participation in appropriate trade shows and fosters increasing involvement in international trade by EGSA members. The Committee also educates EGSA members on best practices for offshore business opportunities, management, and risk avoidance.

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Market Trends Committee

This Committee provides EGSA with a forum in which market trends and other market data closely related to the power generation industry may be discussed in a way that benefits the Association and its members.

Beyond discussion, the Committee has the responsibility and ability to develop and make recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding programs and methods for the compilation of statistical information. The Committee focuses on complete power generation packages as well as component level trends to enhance the Association’s market knowledge of trade, product sales, growth rate, emerging technologies, economic trends, market forecasts and other statistical data in an effort to assist Association members in accomplishing their objectives.

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Membership Committee

The Committee actively solicits non-member companies for membership and develops programs to promote EGSA membership and market the Association to the industry. The Committee tracks and reports membership trends and activities to the general membership and establishes goals and strategies for membership levels.

Finally, the Committee develops methods to encourage member firms to become more active; promotes membership retention; and performs outreach functions to ensure that new members feel a part of the organization.

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Technical Oversight Committee

This is a sub-committee of the Education committee with the purpose of creating video content and publishing articles about various technical issues affecting the On-Site Power Industry.

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Ad Hoc Committees

Ad hoc committees are special committees, usually with a closed membership, that take on one-time or specific-goal projects. They can be created, changed, and disbanded by the Board of Directors at any time.

Loadbank Certification Committee

This committee is an offshoot of the Education committee tasked with developing an EGSA certification program for Load Banks.

Technician Certification Committee

Verify that certification activities are consistent with the program’s objectives, oversee the administration and management of the program, formulate recommendations for program improvements, and consider appeals that have been registered and render appropriate decisions.

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