The David I. Coren Memorial Scholarship Program

On behalf of its members, the Board of Directors of the Electrical Generating Systems Association (EGSA) takes great pleasure in offering financial assistance to worthy students through the David I. Coren Memorial Scholarship Program.

Typically, up to eight, $2,500 EGSA Scholarships will be available for each academic year. These competitive, merit-based scholarships will be awarded to qualified students who plan on pursuing a career in the On-Site Power Generation industry.

Eligible applicants will be full-time students, have a declared major related to On-Site Power Generation industry subjects, and have a minimum 2.8 GPA. Scholarship recipients must maintain a 2.8 GPA to continue their participation in the program. 

Students and other interested parties may make copies of these documents and distribute them as appropriate.

Download the scholarship program brochure.

Students who are applying for a Scholarship for the first time can click here to download a copy of the Application.

Students who are applying for renewal of their scholarships should click here.

If you have questions or need information that is not addressed in the brochure or Application Packet, we welcome your call or e-mail. 

Who was David I. Coren?

Arthur and Judy Coren being presented with a portrait of their son, DavidFormer EGSA President Arthur Coren (1978) and his wife Judy were recently presented with a portrait of their late son David Coren in celebration of EGSA’s increasingly successful David I. Coren Memorial Scholarship Program. The presentation was made by former EGSA President Gary Kidwell (2001, 2007) during the 2009 Annual Spring Convention Awards Banquet. Since many in the audience had not had the privilege of meeting David, Arthur was asked to share a little about his son, and how he impacted the Association. The Association would like to share Arthur’s comments, recapped below.


David received his Bachelor Degree from the University of Illinois, while earning his CPA license. He joined Arthur Anderson and earned his MBA from Northwestern University. David then worked at another big eight accounting firm, Coopers and Lybrand before working with Deerpath Partners, who purchased and operated a stable of companies. After David had been out of school for about nine years, I convinced him to come to work for my company, Zenith Controls. David was active in Zenith’s business development group, strategic planning and marketing, and he worked closely with executive vice-president Ron Seftick. With time, David became president of Zenith Controls. He never approached his work at Zenith with a sense of entitlement—only a desire to work with everyone to concentrate on the growth and success of the company. He tackled all challenges in a logical manner, never trying to impress people with who he was but with the quality of his ideas.

At the same time David joined Zenith Controls, he also became active in EGSA. He gave a few presentations on finance and accounting, joined the Convention Planning Committee and eventually assumed the role of Chairman of that committee. At EGSA he approached his responsibilities with a strong desire to have his committee succeed in building the best convention programs. David truly enjoyed being part of EGSA, and he treasured the friendships that he made with Association members.

David had the potential to lead – not just with Zenith, but with EGSA, too. Sadly, in April of 1999, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and in September of 2000 we lost him. We lost so much: his amazing potential; his respect for all those with whom he worked; the brilliance of his ideas; and the special regard he had for all in our industry. We miss him so much, and we miss the success he surely would have had. And yet we still celebrate his character, integrity, his life and his accomplishments.

David is remembered in so many ways: by EGSA with the David I. Coren Memorial Scholarship Fund; by the American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA) where he has a fund to support research; he is survived by his family and friends, his parents, his wife and his two children. The David I. Coren Memorial Scholarship is particularly meaningful, since it helps those who wanting to contribute and work in the on-site power field.

The establishment of this fund has given EGSA another entrée to schools that offer on-site power-related curriculum. More importantly, EGSA has now provided scholarships to over 60 students and has enabled them to pursue a career that is meaningful to our industry, our economy and our country.