Welcome and Application Instructions

Important Guidelines on the TOYA Application Process

Applications are completed online. 

There are 2 segments to complete the process:

Application – The TOYA Application can be accessed here and completed online. You, as the Applicant's sponsor, will be asked a series of questions related to the TOYA Applicant. Please note: The person completing the application should be familiar with the TOYA Applicant with regard to their EGSA Certification Number (also called the Ferris State University (FSU) Number), the applicant’s employment history and his/her contact information.

Verbal Essay - In the event that your technician is selected as one of our semi-finalists, we will ask you to take part in an phone interview to be conducted by EGSA Staff and our 2018 judges (who are fellow members). This portion of the process will account for as much as 20% of the total graded score. 

During this phone interview, please be ready to provide examples of the compelling reasons that demonstrate why this person should be awarded the TOYA. The call may include testimonials from quoted sources (the names/company affiliations of the sources will be omitted from the conversation). Feel free to discuss the applicant’s general interaction with customers, management and peers. In order to maintain confidentiality among the scoring panel, during this phone call, an applicant sponsor should not divulge the TOYA Applicant’s name, company or geographic location. When referring to the applicant within the essay, please use the Technician Certification ID Number (or FSU Certification Number) to identify the person.

TOYA Applicant’s Photo– When you submit your application online, please  send us a photo of the TOYA Applicant (in .jpg or .tiff formats only, please) as we would like to use this picture to market future efforts for the TOYA Program.

DISCLAIMER: No scoring weight will be given to the photo in the TOYA panel scoring. 

How will you know your TOYA Application was received?

Upon completion of the entire application process, an email will be sent to you confirming an accepted and completed application. If you do not receive that confirmation email, please contact Kim Giles via e-mail or (561) 750-5575 ext. 203.

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