The Technician Certification Exam: What's On It?

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Developed by Ferris State University in collaboration with EGSA and its technical experts, the certification program and test identify generator technicians who have sufficient knowledge and proficiency in the maintenance and repair of generator sets and On-Site Power generation systems. The EGSA Generator Systems Technician certification test is written to measure the professional’s knowledge and the skills necessary for proficient job performance.

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What does the test cover?

The test consists of 200 multiple-choice questions developed by knowledgeable experts working in our industry. Testing covers Basic Electricity, Prime Movers, Generators/Alternators, Engine Generator Instrumentation and Controls, Governors, Automatic Transfer Switches, Voltage Regulators, Multiple Generator Switchgear & Controls, Auxiliary Support Systems, Startup/Commissioning, and Troubleshooting System Problems.

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How long is the test?

You will be allowed a maximum of four (4) hours to complete the exam—an ample amount of time. If, however, you have not finished after four hours, the proctor will stop you when the time expires.

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Is the test “open book?”

EGSA Certification exams are NOT “open book.” You will not be allowed to bring books or reference manuals of any kind into the test room.

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Can I use a laptop computer when taking my test?

To ensure a quiet testing environment and protect the security of its exam questions, EGSA does not allow personal electronic equipment—such as cell phones, laptop computers, PDAs, etc.—in the test room.

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Can I use a calculator when taking my test?

The use of a simple calculator IS allowed during the exam. Programmable calculators, however, are NOT allowed.

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I have special needs. Will EGSA accommodate them?

After you apply to take the exam and identify what your special needs are, Ferris State University will place you in contact with your test center where every attempt will be made to accommodate for an applicant’s special needs. Contact Ferris State University if you have questions on accommodating special needs addressed below or to arrange for accommodation.

Oral Exams - The Certification Program allows oral exams in limited situations where candidates have limited reading skills or specific reading disabilities. Candidates requiring an oral exam will be tested in a separate room with one reader assisting no more than six candidates. The reader will present the test questions and answers verbatim with no explanation, clarification, or definition of terms. The candidates must complete their own answer sheet. You will be placed in contact with your testing center in order to arrange for test reading services.

Other languages - The program allows for an oral examination in a foreign language if each of the following conditions is met: The test is given to one candidate at a time; a registered proctor must remain in the testing room during the exam; the translator reads the test question and answers verbatim with no additional explanation or definition of terms. The candidates must mark the answers on their answer sheet themselves. You will be placed in contact with your testing center in order to arrange for test reading services.

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