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Powerline Magazine

Powerline magazine is EGSA's flagship publication. It is published bi-monthly.

In each issue, you'll find articles on current business and technical issues related to on-site electric power generation. You'll also get updates on legal issues, U.S. and international regulations, codes and standards, trends, advice, and much more.

Whether you are an engineer, salesperson, service technician, distributor/dealer, or just interested in on-site power, you are sure to find something of interest in every issue.

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  • White Paper: Solving Multi-channel LVDT Measurement System Susceptibility to Heterodyning, “Beating” Between Channels
  • Tracking Valuable EGSA Member Contributions
  • Case Study: Active Filter Technology Solves Clean Air Compliance Problems for Boston College
  • 5 Essential Building Blocks for a Thriving Work Culture
  • EGSA 50th Anniversary Time Capsule Interviews: Looking Back on 50 Years
  • GFS Corp Member Profile

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  • Opportunities Calendar
  • Association and industry events.
  • Industry News
  • Job Bank
You can also download archived issues.