On-Site Power Generation: A Reference Book

Reference Book CoverThis 600-plus- page book is the "bible" of the industry. For years, engineers, salespeople, and others have asked for a reference guide to on-site power technology. 

EGSA's On-Site Power: A Reference Book has filled that need. And it has been updated to the fourth edition, with 7 completely new chapters and a lot of new information in the existing chapters. This book contains the most complete and up-to-date technical information covering on-site electrical power generation.

4th Edition

The fourth edition of this easy-to-read reference book contains more than 600 pages of application guides for virtually all phases of on-site power generation equipment, from diesel and natural gas engine generator sets to switchgear, controls, and everything in between.

Contains all the information you've been searching for:

Electrical Fundamentals 
Induction Generators 
Automatic Voltage Regulation 
Circuit Breakers 
Automatic Transfer Switches 
Generator Switchgear 
Spark-ignited Engines 
Diesel Engines 
Gas Turbines 
Governor Fundamentals 
Fuel Systems 
Cooling Systems 
Engine Exhaust Systems 
Exhaust Silencers and Sound Attenuation 
Engine Protective 
Vibration Isolation and Analysis 
Enclosure Design 
Batteries and Chargers 

... and much more. See the Table of Contents

What's New in the 4th Edition?

The book has been revised to include the most current technology and practices. Every chapter was updated, and seven completely new chapters have been added: 

  • Other Power Generation Technologies (Fuel Cells, Wind and Solar Power, and Biomass Generation)
  • Inverters
  • Load Banks
  • Emergency, Standby, and Prime Power Applications
  • Cogeneration
  • Nine-9's Premium Power
  • Interconnection with the Grid
  • PLUS: Several existing chapters have been extensively rewritten, and all of the 3rd Edition chapters have been thoroughly reviewed to make sure they are current and useful.

Who Can Use this Book?

Engineers and designers will find it an invaluable tool for specifying and creating systems. Marketing and sales personnel can use it as an information source to help them make sales. Facility managers and users of on-site power equipment will discover ways of optimizing their own systems. 

What Does It Cost?

This hardbound reference book is now available at a great low price. EGSA Members just $125. Non-members only $225. 

Download an information sheet and order form (4th Edition). Fax your completed form to EGSA at (561) 395-8557.

Whether you're a manufacturer, seller, or buyer of power generation equipment - or just learning how to make the most of your own on-site installation - you'll find On-Site Power Generation: A Reference Book to be an indispensable resource.