Educational Opportunity During the EGSA Fall Conference

Here is Your Chance To Hone Your On-Site Power Skills! Take a Rowley School Module in Minneapolis!

Don’t have enough time to partake in the EGSA week long school? Or are you wondering if the EGSA classes are right for your team? Here is your chance to attend a session from the Rowley Schools. 

If you have not purchased the newest EGSA reference book you can order a copy during registration and it will be waiting for you when you arrive in Minneapolis.

Understanding Bid and Specification Documents (Sunday, September 17, 1:00 p.m - 4:00 p.m.)

This session is designed for students with a solid understanding of on-site power systems that seek a basic understanding of the specification and bid process as it relate to the industry. Classwork includes analyzing a sample set of plans and specifications. With these documents, subtends learn the roles of the individuals and companies that influence the design process. In addition, students will learn to identify the various documents, codes and standards used by engineers, contractors and others.

Another great incentive: In the event that you end up taking one of our Basic or Advanced Schools between now and the end of 2018, you can deduct $225.00 from the cost of the Rowley School of your choosing. For more details, see our course instructor at the Conference.

PLEASE NOTE: Those planning on attending this course should take a morning flight or arrive the night before so that you have plenty of time to settle in before the class begins at 1:00pm).

Dennis RoundtreeInstructor:  Dennis Roundtree, Onsite Power, Inc.

Dennis is a 35+ year veteran of the industrial engine and onsite power industries.  He has been a sales person, manager and sales executive with several distributors of industrial engine and onsite power generation equipment, including twelve years as Sales Manager and Vice President of Industrial Power Systems in Denver, Colorado.  In 1999, Dennis became Vice President of the Distributed Generation group at Planergy International, an ESCO subsidiary of a major investor-owned utility, Xcel Energy.  The Planergy DG group developed more than seventy onsite power generation projects in twenty-three states before his departure in 2002.  He later served as national sales manager for ORMAT Technologies, a company specializing in the conversion of waste heat to electrical power.

Dennis and his wife Cee Cee own Onsite Power Inc. of Aurora, CO.  Onsite Power is an independent sales representative firm specializing in products for the industrial engine and onsite power industry.

He has served as an educator, speaker and author for many industry organizations including the Electrical Generating Systems Association, RERC, Silicon Valley Manufacturers Group, Northwest Public Power Association and others.  He is currently a member of the EGSA Executive Board and will serve as EGSA President in 2018.

The cost of this course is $149.00. Make sure you take us up on this opportunity to learn more about our industry when you register for the Fall Conference.

On-Site Power Generation: A Comprehensive Guide to On-Site Power, 5th edition

Reference Book
For your convenience, you may also purchase "On-Site Power Generation: A Comprehensive Guide to On-Site Power" for an additional $125 (members) $225 (non-members), saving $15 in shipping and handling. 

EGSA's newly revised Fifth Edition is widely regarded by On-Site Power Professionals as the "bible" of the On-Site Power Industry. In fact, EGSA's "Comprehensive Guide to On-Site Power" is so highly regarded and widely recognized that five of the seven technical schools that offer On-Site Power Generation Technician training programs have adopted this guide as their text.

Note: Purchasing the book is not required to attend the class