Conference Speakers

Game Plan for Success

Lou Holtz

Lou Holtz – Keynote Speaker

Our Monday Keynote Speaker is Lou Holtz. For many years, Lou Holtz has been considered among the greatest speaking legends in America today. 

Lou has built a reputation as a motivator, a demanding disciplinarian and as someone who relishes challenges and hard work. He is also the only coach in the history of college football to 1). Take 6 different teams to a bowl game. 2). Win 5 bowl games with different teams 3). To have 4 different college teams ranked in the Top 20 poll. He speaks on overcoming seemingly impossible challenges by setting your own goals and working to achieve them.

Despite never inheriting a winning team, Lou Holtz compiled a 243-127-7 career record that ranked him third in victories among active coaches and eighth in winning percentage. His 12 career postseason bowl victories ranked him fifth on the all-time list. Selected in the College Hall of Fame Class of 2008, he is one of just over 800 individuals in the history of the game who have earned this distinction!

Presentation Summary:

Get ready to hear Lou Holtz's message! It truly transcends athletics. It resonates—even with those who aren't sports-minded. His focus is on people and the values that make relationships (and organizations) excel.

Join Lou center stage at the 2018 EGSA Spring Conference! Once heard, you will have no doubt why Lou Holtz is considered a legendary team leader and speaker on achievement.


New Mexico Case Study: Presbyterian Medical Center

Shannon Dynge

Shannon Dynge, Director of Sales – Western Region – ASCO Power Technologies

As the Director of Sales for ASCO Power Technologies, Shannon works with construction industry partners and owners to design and install Automatic Transfer Switches, Monitoring Solutions, Power Control Systems and Load Banks for use in critical electrical infrastructure and emergency power systems. 

For over 125 years, ASCO Power Technologies has been pioneering every major product innovation in power transfer technology, committed to providing a full range of quality-driven products backed by 24-hour nationwide service support. 

Shannon is a First Timer with us in New Mexico. Welcome Shannon!   

Presentation Summary:

Shannon will discuss the expansion over the last decade of the Presbyterian Medical Center throughout the State of New Mexico, and their use of advance monitoring systems to maintain centralized access to the hospital systems’ emergency power systems.  Beginning in 2011, with the Rust Medical Center in Sandoval county, expanding to the smaller Espanola Hospital in 2016, and finally to the Santa Fe Medical Center opening in 2018; ASCO has worked with the local design team at Bridgers & Paxton and the facilities team at Presbyterian to enable the use of monitoring solutions to lower their costs associated with maintenance and compliance reporting, while ensuring availability of their emergency power system.


Hurricane Irma - Lessons Learned

Dan Barbersek

Daniel Barbersek, Director Industrial Sales, Generac Power Systems

Our presenter, EGSA Member Daniel Barbersek of Generac Power Systems, brings more than 35 years of energy-industry experience encompassing distributed generation projects. He has worked with power generation manufacturers and well as product representatives, beginning his career in on-site power in the US Navy. 

As Director of Industrial Sales, Daniel Barbersek has responsibilities of industrial sales coverage and field technical support for North America. Prior to this, Barbersek was a Power Solutions Manger with a focus on the healthcare market segment for Generac. He is also experienced in both rotary and static UPS technologies and has a superior focus on critical power applications.

Dan recently participated on the Executive Leadership Summit Working Group that planned the 2017 Summit in Minneapolis last year. This is his second time presenting on the EGSA stage. Welcome Dan!

Presentation Summary:

There are many factors that affect the instability of our nation’s electrical grid. Aging and overtaxed systems coupled with continuous growth are major contributors to this instability. Throw in natural phenomena such as fire, ice and wind that can affect the grid and there are many reasons for concern over the availability and consistency of electric power.

In this EGSA Member presentation, Dan Barbersek will cover one of the most devastating kind of weather events to affect the ability to consistently provide electric power: hurricanes — specifically through the lens of Hurricane Irma, which was one of 2017’s biggest and strongest hurricanes.

Irma delivered sustained winds of 185 mph for 37 hours and hit southern Florida as a Category 4 hurricane (sustained winds between 131 and 155 mph). The storm had a major impact, knocking out power to more than 7 million people across 8 states in addition to Florida. 

By examining the impact Hurricane Irma had on the power grids of Florida and surrounding states, we can learn how to better prepare for devastating weather events such as hurricanes and ensure the safe and consistent availability of electricity before, during and after these storms.


Lead with Excellence: Safety Leadership Fundamentals

Jeff Esenship

Jeff “Odie” Espenship – Target Leadership

Jeff Espenship, upon completion of his higher education from the University of Georgia, enrolled in the prestigious Air Force ROTC Program. Due to his demonstrated leadership and officer skills in cadet corps officer training, Jeff was awarded full academic scholarship and a USAF pilot training slot.

With his outgoing, personable, always smiling, eager to please personality, his squadron mates quickly gave him his call sign “Odie” aptly named after the popular cartoon Garfield’s sidekick. These days, few people know Jeff by his first name…they simply call him “ODIE.”After 6 years of dedicated service in the U.S. Air Force, Odie decided to fulfill another lifelong dream by becoming an airline pilot. He began his career with Delta Airlines in 1992, where he continues to hone his skills as an international airline pilot, piloting the Boeing 777.

Amid his tenure as an airline pilot, Odie also flew a 1943 T-6 “Texan” on the airshow circuit. A tragic accident took the life of his brother, as well as the life of the pilot. This significant event ignited the spark that helped create what Target Leadership is today, a well-recognized brand for Culture-Leadership-Safety training among the nation’s Fortune 500 companies.

Presentation Summary:

In this informative safety presentation, Odie will discuss how leaders influence behaviors, and challenges them to answer the question, "What's going to be your legacy?" 

Odie will examine how ability, attitude and culture drive our behaviors, and why smart, well trained, highly skilled people (like fighter pilots) do dumb things. Odie will challenge all to shift to a ZERO accident culture by examining your organization’s current culture of:
  • Pressures to Perform (schedule, personal, peer, boss)
  • Emotions vs. Logic 
  • Ego-Ability exceeding Capability
His keynote is a high energy, fast paced presentation that leaves the room with an "edu-taining" message that will last well beyond the event. Attendees may not remember all Odie’s words, but they will remember how he made them FEEL for a long time, positively affecting their own performance and decisions on the job.


Bringing the Heat to On-Site Power Stability

James Hunt

James Hunt, P.E. New Market Development Manager, HOTSTART

In his 20 years of engineering experience, James Hunt has been responsible for a wide variety of roles within the profession – ranging from mechanical design to project management. James’ career highlights include creating power train designs for Class 8 Heavy Duty Trucks and providing heating solutions for applications in industries such as Power Generation, Marine, Machinery, Mining, Locomotive and Oil & Gas. Currently, James is leading a small team to pursue new market opportunities at HOTSTART, an engine heater manufacturer in Spokane, WA.

A holder of a bachelor of science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Washington and a professional engineer license in machine design, James is the author of the Engine Preheating Systems chapter in EGSA’s fifth edition of On-Site Power Generation: A Comprehensive Guide to On-Site Power. James is also an EGSA alternate committee member on NFPA 110 and 111 (Emergency Power Supplies). 

Presentation Summary: 

On-site power generation is important. In the most extreme cases, it can mean life or death. Recent natural disasters have provided a fresh reminder of how much we need reliable and stable electricity. The organizations represented by the EGSA work behind the scenes to make a difference in people’s lives by providing on-site power generation when and where it is needed. In critical applications, proper engine pre-heating is essential to maintaining generator readiness.

Mr. Hunt will share the fundamentals of how to ensure a generator will reliably start and handle load by effectively heating the engine block, lube oil, batteries and other ancillary systems. He will also look ahead to the future of power generation and how new technologies will play a role in continuing energy readiness. 


It’s All About the Economics – Modeling Microgrids Both On and Off the Grid

Andy Kruse

Andy Kruse, VP Business Development - HOMER Energy

For nearly 30 years Andy Kruse has been an industry leader in the areas of strategic marketing, sales, certification standards development and public policy for the distributed energy industry. He co-founded a company and built it into a global brand which sold more than 180,000 wind generators worldwide for the remote and distributed markets. Andy was instrumental in the design of several hybrid microgrids in Alaska. He has lived in Europe and worked in 72 countries developing markets. In 2007 he worked with Congress and passed the first distributed wind tax credit. He also established one of the first distributed wind leasing programs in the U.S. while at Endurance Energy. In 2015, Andy joined HOMER Energy as the VP Business Development where he is using his global business experience to expand the company’s brand internationally. Andy attended Northern Arizona University where he studied political science. 

Presentation Summary: 

The term “microgrid” is new, but the idea of generating electricity from a single source for a home, community or island is not. Fossil fuel generators have been doing that for over 100 years. 

What is new is that a modern microgrid usually refers to a cluster of energy generation and storage technologies that produce electricity for a given load. The goal is greater reliability at the lowest cost of energy. The challenge is trying to understand what mix, if any, makes the most sense to achieve the goal.  These microgrids are typically made up of a fossil fuel generator, solar, wind turbine and energy storage. They might also contain fuel cells, flywheels, gasification systems, stream hydro generators, biomass generators and CHP plants. 

Because of the falling prices of renewables and energy storage, some people think that 100% renewables is the solution. However, it is far from reality. HOMER Energy models these projects in nearly every country in the world and has found over and over the continued necessity for fossil fuel integration into microgrids in order to maintain project reliability and low cost. This presentation will review the science behind the design of hybrid microgrids and the challenges around the 100% renewables assumptions. 


High-Velocity Selling in Today’s Marketplace

Marc Wayshak

Marc Wayshak, America’s Sales Strategist

Marc Wayshak is considered America’s Sales Coach on Game Plan Selling. Combining his experience, research and years of training organizations with his innate understanding of sports achievement, as an All-American athlete, Marc has created a revolutionary sales system for sales people, entrepreneurs and companies.

Best-selling author of "Game Plan Selling" and "Breaking All Barriers," Marc travels the world helping organizations and entrepreneurs transform their sales.  He is also a regular contributor for media outlets such as Inc., Fast Company, Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine. Marc holds a Master’s degree from University of Oxford and his BA from Harvard University.

Presentation Summary:

In today’s technology-saturated world, information is readily available. This has changed the sales landscape….from the prospects to the salespeople who hope to win their business. This new environment creates tremendous opportunity for those with the right strategy to dramatically increase sales.

As Marc shares in this data-driven and science-based program, winning the business of well-informed prospects requires a distinct strategy, a repeatable process and a clear plan to execute with commitment and passion. If salespeople are not selling at a high velocity today, they are moving backwards.

In this highly interactive program, participants will: 
  • Understand the 3 traits of all superstar salespeople that can easily be emulated and applied
  • Learn how to separate themselves from the competition
  • Use a powerful system to close sales more quickly and with greater frequency
  • Develop a playbook of prospecting activities that ensure participants hit sales goals

Takeaways of this program include:
  • Maximize the outcomes of sales efforts without increasing effort
  • Specific scripts that participants can apply immediately to sales interactions
  • Develop a clear day-to-day plan for achieving sales goals
  • Fully understand an easy-to-apply yet fool-proof system for selling

As a result of attending this program, participants will:
  • Close more sales than ever before
  • Increase current average sale’s transaction size
  • Sell more frequently to current clients
  • Know exactly how to achieve sales goals