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What is On-Site Power? How do you define it?

EGSA focuses specifically on "on-site electric power generation," which can be defined as:

Any method of producing power that will be used on or near the site at which it is generated. This includes demand response, prime power, and many others. It even encompasses alternative power sources such as wind, solar, and fuel cells..

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How do I get a subscription to Powerline Magazine?

While some people must pay the $5.00 cover price, if your work is related to the on-site power industry in some way, you may qualify for a free subscription to Powerline magazine.

To apply for a free subscription, go to our subscription page.

IMPORTANT: If you subscribe online, you will receive all the upcoming copies through the January/February issue of next year. You will then be required to renew your subscription by signing and returning a renewal certificate included with that issue.

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How do I locate suppliers of products and services in the industry?

You can search for a member company in our Membership Directory.

You can also request our printed Buyers' Guide and Member Services Directory.

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