Continuing Education Program

EGSA takes your education -- and your career success -- very seriously. That's why we have added a CEU program for participants in EGSA's On-Site Power Generation Schools.

The Value of CEUs

EGSA's CEU program is a great way to demonstrate that you have learned what you went to school to learn. CEUs are tangible evidence of the knowledge you gained while attending the school. You can take pride in your accomplishment and in your increased value in the marketplace when compared to those who have not earned CEUs. It assures your employer that his investment in your training and development was money well spent.

What exactly is a CEU?

One (1) EGSA CEU is equal to ten (10) contact hours of participation in an organized continuing education experience under responsible sponsorship, capable direction, and qualified instruction.

How do I receive EGSA CEUs?

You should apply for CEUs when you register for an On-Site Power Generation School. After the school you will take a test consisting of multiple choice and True/False questions. "Learning Outcomes" for each portion of the school have been developed and are directly related to the test items. You complete the test at your convenience and, when finished, mail it to EGSA.

Where can I learn more about EGSA CEUs?

If you have a specific question or you need more information, contact EGSA at (561) 750-5575 or email us.

Tuition Discount

CSU PartnershipEGSA seeks to provide additional member value by entering into a learning partnership with Columbia Southern University (CSU). The terms of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) include providing each EGSA Member with a 10% discount on all CSU tuition rates, as well as a waiver of the application fee and textbooks at no cost through their textbook grant program.

In order to take advantage of member discounts, please visit CSU’s dedicated landing page for prospective students and student enrollments for their Learning Partners: