Taking the Certification Exam Outside the United States

We encourage techs working outside the Unites States to take the EGSA Certification exam. Technicians working outside the United States might have legitimate concerns about their possible lack of awareness of standards used in the United States and that lack of knowledge might interfere with their ability to pass the test. After scrutiny and review of the Certification test, EGSA has determined that there is no reason that the test could not be fairly applied to any NAFTA technician.

The process of arranging a proctor may take a bit longer and Techs living outside the United States may be asked to help identify appropriate proctors and test sites. Shipping costs are included for those taking the test in the U.S. However, shipping charges for tests given outside the United States will be higher and will be added to the purchase price of various items. Contact Ferris State University before you order so that you know how much shipping charges will be.