Technician Certification Employer Benefits

For the Employer, certification helps ensure that your technicians have the critical knowledge and skills to succeed in their jobs. Everyone will be comfortable knowing that your certified techs’ expertise has been confirmed by the industry organization through a program that was developed by a university. Encouraging and helping your technicians become certified signifies your commitment to the highest of standards. Plus, it lends an added level of credibility to your firm and can sharpen your competitive edge. Employing certified techs will promote customer satisfaction and you won’t have to be shy about offering assurance that your techs are qualified. Our Apprenticeship Certification can also help you select potential new hires. Our Journeyman level can assist an employer with analyzing job performance (current and future), evaluate employees and motivate technicians to enhance their skills and knowledge. 

Think about the message that certification sends to those with whom you do business. Why would anyone want a technician who isn’t certified performing critical maintenance or repair tasks? Employing certified technicians gives you an added tool with which to market your business.

As our members have said, “We’ve seen too many backyard mechanics damage expensive equipment. This program will provide credibility for my company and will help build pride and a commitment from technicians to be the best .”
Many of our Members have indicated that this program provides credibility for their business and their technicians. And technicians have stated that this certification builds their pride and provides an outward indication of their commitment to the profession.

Hiring and Promoting

EGSA certification can be used to streamline your applicant screening process and ease those difficult personnel decisions by immediately identifying which technicians have the knowledge and expertise to meet a rigorous exam requirement.

  • Measure job applicants' skills and knowledge against objective national standards
  • Provide incentives and promotions for technicians who increase their capabilities
  • Diagnose the training needs of your staff
  • Show your technicians that you appreciate their professionalism

How does the program work?
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