Apprentice Tech Certification

The Apprentice level exam provides technical college students, recent graduates, military personnel and other 1st or 2nd-year technicians with proof that the basic skill set has been met (certification valid for 3 years).


Journeyman Tech Certification

A passing grade on our Journeyman exam assures an employer that this technician meets or exceeds 3 years of practical field experience. This exam tests in 61 individual areas of expertise and was upgraded in 2014 to reflect current technology (certification valid for 5 years).

Technician Certification Exam: Fees and Cancellation Policies

These are the current certification program applications and related fees, which have been approved by the EGSA Board of Directors.  PLEASE NOTE: Most items have a $10 handling and shipping charge within the USA.  The Technician Certification program is professionally managed for EGSA by an independent authority, Ferris State University, and they should be contacted for shipping charges outside the USA.

Non-members: EGSA members enjoy significant cost savings over non-members when paying Certification related fees. In fact, the savings could well pay for your membership! Shouldn’t you consider joining EGSA? Membership information and applications are available here. or by calling 561-750-5575.

TECH CERTIFICATION TESTING IS NOW OPEN.  Due to COVID-19, please allow extra time for orders to ship and results to process.  

Download the Apprentice Test Order Form.

Download the Journeyman Test Order Form.

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Certification Related Item

Member Price

Non-member Price

Certification Testing

$50.00 Apprentice Test

$150.00 Journeyman Test

$50.00 Apprentice Test

$425.00 Journeyman Test

Proctoring Fees Approximately $40 per test** Approximately $40 per test**

Study Guides

$40.00 per guide (Apprentice)

$50.00 per guide (Journeyman)

$40.00 per guide (Apprentice)

$100.00 per guide (Journeyman)

Study Guide bundled with “On-Site Power Generation: A Reference Book” (1)

$175 per bundle (Apprentice)

$185 per bundle (Journeyman)

$175 per bundle (Apprentice)

$335 per bundle (Journeyman)

Replace lost Certificate



Challenge to validity of test question

No Charge

No Charge

Test Scoring by Hand



Uniform Patches (limit 5 per order)

$7.00 per patch

$10.00 per patch

Baseball Caps (limit 5 per order)

$21.95 per hat

$26.95 per hat

4" x 6" Decal (limit 5 per order)

$10.00 per decal

$15.00 per decal

8" x 10" Decal (limit 5 per order)

$20 per decal

$25 per decal

**Proctoring fees are paid directly to the Proctor at the time of testing.  Fees may vary by location.  Fees include someone to administer the exam and to send it to Ferris State University for scoring and processing.
(1) Those wishing to purchase a reference book only must order it through EGSA.


APPLICANTS AND ONLY APPLICANTS can cancel their scheduled participation in the testing process, and must do so in writing, subject to the following timelines:

    • 30+ Days - Applicants who cancel their participation 30 days or more in advance of their scheduled test may do so without penalty. Applicants who cancel during this period will have the option of having their fees refunded in full or applied to a future test.
    • 29 days or less - Applicants who cancel their participation 29 days or less before their scheduled exam will not receive a refund.

The agency conducting the test will not cancel a scheduled exam unless an act of nature makes it impossible to conduct the test. Tests cancelled for this reason will be rescheduled. Applicants who were scheduled for that exam will have the option of receiving a full refund or applying the fees to a future test.

Other Policies and Procedures

See our Policies and Procedures page.