Policies and Procedures

Who oversees the Certification Program?

The EGSA Technician Certification Committee, a standing committee of the EGSA Board of Directors, has oversight responsibility. The Committee consists of seven members who have demonstrated an interest in and a commitment to Generator Systems Technician Certification. Members represent a wide cross-section of the industry with three members from the Distributor/Dealer membership classification, two from the Manufacturer membership classification, one member from the EGSA Education Committee and the Chairman.  At least one committee member serves on the EGSA Board of Directors.  All committee members serve three-year staggered terms.

Conflict of Interest - If at any time a Certification Committee member believes that he or she may appear to be unable to maintain professional objectivity on any issue because of a personal situation, employment or other reasons, that member shall disclose the potential conflict to the Certification Committee and shall recuse himself or herself from any position or voting on the subject.

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Who manages and administers the program?

Ferris State University, in collaboration with EGSA staff, manages and administers the program through its office of Corporate and Professional Development within its College of Technology. Ferris is responsible for all testing, scoring, notifications, and records maintenance.

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Ethics and Code of Conduct

Certification Committee members, EGSA staff and Ferris State University employees shall at all times act in the best interest of the Certification Program by conducting business in an honest, ethical, and objective manner.

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Copyright and Trademarks

EGSA has applied to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and the U.S. Copyright Office to acquire copyrights, trademarks and service marks, as appropriate, for all Certification-related materials and items. These materials and items include but are not limited to confidential and proprietary materials; study guides and other materials used to prepare for the examination; the certification examinations; and certification titles, acronyms, logos, emblems on pins and uniform patches, badges, and signs. Any unauthorized use, copying or distribution of these materials is a violation of Federal law.

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Use of “Certified” Title and materials

Only individuals who hold a current and valid EGSA certificate may identify themselves as an “EGSA Certified Electrical Generator Systems Technician” and use related materials (i.e., the uniform patch) pursuant to a license from EGSA. Individuals who do not hold a current and valid certificate may not hold themselves out to be an “EGSA Certified Electrical Generator Systems Technician” nor may they use related material.

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Professional Conduct

Certificate holders shall at all times conduct themselves in a legal, ethical and professional manner and shall not engage in any behavior that may tend to bring disrepute upon, or cause harm to, EGSA or the Certification Program. EGSA may impose disciplinary action, including revocation of a Certification, in its discretion in the best interests of EGSA or the Certification Program.

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Individuals who wish to register an appeal to any Certification Program action taken by EGSA or Ferris State University has access to two levels of appeal: Inquiries and Formal Appeals.

Inquiries - These are appeals in which the applicant requests clarification, an explanation or more information. The applicant may also wish to express his opinion or concern about a given aspect of the Certification process. These informal appeals may be addressed to program staff, members of the Certification Committee, etc. Concerned inquiries will be addressed in a positive and supportive manner and in a timely manner.

Formal Appeals - Individuals who choose to register a formal appeal to test results must first do so with Ferris State University within 120 days from the date of the examination. After review of the appeal for accuracy and completeness, it will be forwarded to EGSA staff that will then place the appeal on the Agenda for the next meeting of the Certification Committee. The Certification Committee will then consider the appeal and render its decision.

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Scoring Tests by Hand

All Certification Tests are scored (tabulated) electronically. Individuals who wish to challenge their electronic score may request that the test be scored by hand. A separate fee will be imposed for scoring tests by hand.

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Access to EGSA Certification programs and services will be made without regard to race, color, age, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, sex, marital status, disability or status as a U.S. veteran.

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Reasonable Accommodation

EGSA is committed to the principles of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and will endeavor to make reasonable accommodations to candidates with special needs as required by federal law. In order for EGSA to accommodate their needs, certification candidates have the responsibility of following EGSA Procedures and providing the Administrator with reasonable notice, medical verification of the underlying cause for the necessity of the accommodation(s) requested and an accurate description of their needs.

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Privacy and Confidentiality

Written or electronic documents, records, or data pertaining to program participants (applicants, certificate holders, former certificate holders, etc.) held in program files are considered private and confidential information and shall be held in strict confidence and shall not be revealed to any individual or organization.

Test Results Privacy – Actual test results (scores) will only be shared with the examinee. Unless approved in writing by the examinee, test results (scores) will not be released or shared with any party. Download a "Request for EGSA Electrical Generator Systems Technician Certification Results" form here.

Inquiries about Certificate Holder Status - In cases where inquiries are made about the current certification status of Certificate Holders, the standard response to inquiries shall be as follows:

  • The (named individual) holds a current and valid certificate,
  • The (named individual) does not hold a current and valid certificate, or
  • The (named individual) formerly held a certificate from _____ until _____

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Records - Retention and Maintenance

Ferris State University is responsible for maintaining the records and record databases of all individuals who have applied for certification. Certification Program records consist of names, contact and identifying information, application dates, test dates, results of testing, copies of notifications, etc. This information is held in strict confidence and will not be revealed to any individual or organization. Paper copies of records will be kept for a minimum of three years; electronic records shall be maintained indefinitely.

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Critical Elements of the Certification process — including “Requirements for Certification,” “Initial Certification,” “Testing,” “Retesting,” “Re-certification,” and “Non-Renewal” and Certification Program Policies and Procedures—are subject to scheduled periodic review. Contingent upon the approval of recommendations that result from said review, the various Critical Elements and Certification Program Policies and Procedures may be changed or modified at any time without prior notice.

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