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100 Series Standards

Under the purview of the Power Generation Components Subcommittee.
BatteriesEGSA 100B-1997: Performance Standard for Engine Cranking Batteries Used with Engine Generator Sets 36.00 KBContains requirements for rating, classifying, applying, installing and maintaining engine cranking batteries.
Battery ChargersEGSA 100C-1997: Performance Standard for Battery Chargers for Engine Starting Batteries and Control Batteries (Constant Potential Static Type)31.00 KBContains requirements for voltage and temperature limits, application and accessories for charging engine cranking batteries.
Breakers, Thermostats, and ThermistorsEGSA 100D-1992: Performance Standard for Generator Overcurrent Protection, 600 Volts and Below34.00 KBContains performance specifications for circuit breakers, field breakers, thermostats, thermistors and other temperature detectors.
Diesel Fuel System with Above Ground TanksEGSA 100T-1995: Performance Standard for Diesel Fuel Systems for Engine Generator Sets with Above Ground Steel Tanks31.00 KBContains application and performance requirements for diesel fuel supply systems with above ground steel tanks for diesel engine driven generator sets.
Engine Protection SystemsEGSA 100F-1992: Performance Standard for Engine Protection Systems44.50 KBContains performance specifications for engine control systems including temperature, level, pressure and speed sensing.
GovernorsEGSA 100E-1992: Performance Standard for Governors on Engine Generator Sets47.50 KBContains classifications, performance requirements and optional accessories for generator set engine governors.
Instrumentation, Control and Auxillary EquipmentEGSA 100G-1992: Performance Standard for Generator Set Instrumentation, Control and Auxiliary Equipment52.50 KBContains requirements for generator set engine starting controls, instrumentation and auxiliary equipment.
Multiple Genset Control SystemsEGSA 100M-1992: Performance Standard for Multiple Engine Generator Set Control Systems34.00 KBContains performance requirements for manual, automatic fixed sequence and random access generator set paralleling systems.
Peak ShavingEGSA 100P-1995: Performance Standard for Peak Shaving Controls26.00 KBContains requirements for parallel operation and load transfer peak load reduction controls.
Transfer SwitchesEGSA 100S-1996: Performance Standard for Transfer Switches for Use with Engine Generator Sets43.50 KBContains classifications, applications and performance requirements for transfer switches for emergency and standby transfer switches.
Voltage RegulatorsEGSA 100R-1992: Performance Standard for Voltage Regulators Used on Electric Generators37.50 KBContains application and performance requirements for generator voltage regulators.

101 Series Standards

Under the purview of the Power Generation Systems Subcommittee.
Engine Driven Generator SetsEGSA 101P-1995: Performance Standard for Engine Driven Generator Sets366.50 KBContains classifications of use, prime mover configuration and ratings, and performance requirements for complete generator sets.
GlossaryEGSA 101G-1998: Glossary of Electrical and Mechanical Terminology and Definitions136.00 KBContains definitions of terms specific to the on-site power industry.
Guideline SpecificationEGSA 101S-2005: Guideline Specification for Engine Driven Generator Sets, Emergency or Standby108.00 KBGuideline specification in blank form for preparing specifications for emergency or standby generator sets.

Other Standards

Developed as needed.
Genset Test MethodsEGSA 107T-1999: Performance Standard for Generator Test Methods15.40 MBNow available for download. This is a large download. Please be patient. This standard provides a variety of methods for measuring and determining characteristics for electric generators and generator sets.
List of Codes and Standards Adopted by U.S. StatesEGSA 109C-1994: Code Listing: Safety Codes Required by States and Major Cities71.50 KBA listing of national and international codes and standards adopted by U.S. states and selected major cities.
Seismic and Wind Certification for IBC ComplianceEGSA 200W-2009: Recommended Practice For Seismic and Wind Certification for Compliance to the International Building Code (IBC) 68.00 KBFull Title: Recommended Practice For Seismic and Wind Certification for Compliance to the International Building Code (IBC) For Electrical Generating Systems and Various Critical Components for Building Design Categories C, D, E or F per Chapter 13 of ASC
Silencer Rating GuideEGSA 201S-2014 Guide for Rating Generator Exhaust Silencers477.11 KBThe purpose of this guide is to provide a uniform noise reduction rating system for exhaust silencers used on reciprocating internal combustion engines that are utilized for the purpose of generating electrical power.